The Burgon & Ball Guarantee

Here at Hollyhock Hill we are pleased to offer a range of superior-quality tools from the iconic brand Burgon & Ball.

Burgon & Ball stand by their tools. Very occasionally, there may be structural failings caused by errors in manufacturing or defects in materials that can cause a product to fail. If the fault occurs within the first 12 months and was purchased from Hollyhock Hill then please contact us at to arrange the return of the product for a replacement or refund.

Many Burgon & Ball tools come with a 5 year, 10 year, or lifetime* guarantee. If a product fails after 12 months (and still within the guarantee period) please contact Burgon & Ball directly by email at

Burgon & Ball may very occasionally ask for the item to be returned to them for quality control purposes, but usually all they require is an image of the item clearly showing the fault, and a proof of purchase (with the exception of tools covered by the lifetime* guarantee, where no proof of purchase is required).

Where a replacement is offered, Burgon & Ball will make every effort to offer a similar tool. Where this is not possible, they may offer an alternative item.

This guarantee does not cover normal wear, lost or stripped parts, or any product which has been modified. It also does not cover product damage due to misuse (i.e., using a tool in a manner for which it was not designed) or where the tool has not been adequately cared for (e.g., keeping a tool outside rather than in a dry environment). This guarantee also excludes cosmetic changes in appearance due to wear and tear.

* 'Lifetime' qualified as 75 years for legal compliance.